Friendship Tournament – June 25, 26, 27

Dear Friendship Tournament Competitor,

Here is all the info you need to know for the virtual tournament:

1) Check-in times for the divisions are listed below. Participants will be placed in their groups at 6pm, so don’t be late. We anticipate  5min – 1hr wait times for divisions to be called, so allocate being on zoom from 6-8pm to be on the safe side. The youngest divisions will go first.
2) You must stay signed into zoom from 6pm check-in until you compete. You cannot check in and leave zoom. Your division will be placed in a breakout room waiting to enter main session. Please familiarize yourself with “leaving” breakout rooms and coming back to the “main session,” as that is where you will be competing.
3) Please make sure to update your zoom name in the waiting room with the following info:
full name, age, rank
4) If you are competing in multiple divisions, please make note of the different times and days. The same link will get you in to all days of competition.
5) We will record the competition and share it on YouTube next week so you can share it with family and friends that would like to watch you compete.
6) Medals (T-shirts and massage gift cards if you registered in time) will be sent to your school the following week for distribution.
7) Zoom link has been emailed to all competitors. If you did not receive the email, please contact your school.
6pm Thursday:
                         – All TKD Tigers (ages 6 and under). Parents please feel free coach the Tigers through their form.
                         – Kid Color (white to Recommended/Candidates Belt)  Ages 16 & below; traditional forms
                         – Older Teen/Adult Color (white to Candidate Belt) Ages 17 and above: traditional forms
6pm Friday:
                        – Color Belt Weapons (White to Recommended/Candidate Belts) All Ages
                         – Kid Black Belts Ages 15 & Below ; Traditional form. Do any form you want.
                        – Older Teen/Adult Black Belt Weapons (ages 16 and up)- any weapon
10am Saturday  – Kid Black Belt Weapons (ages 15 and below) – any weapon
                         –  Older teen/ adult Black Belt Traditional forms Ages 16 and up
                        – Color Belt Creative Forms (all ages)
                        – Black Belt Creative Forms (all ages)
Chief Master Corrie
Master CS Robinson
 Master Pourarian

This year’s annual tournament will be held online. Competitors and judges will be participating on Zoom. Zoom link will be emailed to each participant upon registration. Each division will have four competitors. First, second, third, and fourth winners will be awarded medals. Medals will be sent to participants’ school. Specific division schedules will be included in registration email.

By participating in this tournament :

-You are supporting your school’s small business.

– Meeting tournament participation requirement for testing.

– Practicing competing on zoom in case championships are held on zoom.

– Doing something unique and fun that you will talk about for years to come … “I competed in a martial arts tournament on zoom in 2020!”

– Staying active and setting a goal.

-Earning the cool friendship medals! Medals will be distributed at your school after the online tournament .


 Robinson’s click here to register


STUDIO click here to register


 Folsom click here to register

Register by Friday, June 12 to receive a $15 gift card to Nurturing Touch Massage!


Wednesday, June 24, 8pm Judges’  Meeting

Thursday, June 25, 6pm Tiny Tigers, Color Kids Traditional Forms, Color Adult Traditional Forms

Friday, June 26, 6pm Color Kids and Adult Weapons, Kid Black Belt Traditional Forms, Adult Black Belt Weapons

Saturday, June 27, 10am Kids Black Belt Weapons, Adult Black Belt Traditional Forms, Color Creative Forms, Black Belt Creative Forms

(Times subject to change; specific times issued at registration.)

*Multiple rings will be running at a time to minimize wait times.


Friendship Tournament Division Descriptions


Taekwondo Tigers Form – Taekwondo Tigers 6 and under can do any creative Tiger form or any portion of Taeguk form. If a Tiger is doing a full Taeguk form they should enter in kids 8 and under traditional form division.

Judging Criteria: Overall technique and presentation. All judges will judge overall.

Color Belt Traditional Individual Form – Color belts can perform any Taeguk form. Color belt competitors will compete against another competitor at the same time. The judges will select the best form.

Judging Criteria: UWTA rules.

Black Belt Traditional Individual Form – Black Belts can perform any Black Belt form.

Judging Criteria: UWTA rules.

Color or Black Belt Creative Form – Any form. Forms cannot exceed 1 minute.

Judging Criteria: Overall technique, creativity and presentation. All judges will judge overall.


Color or Black Belt Individual Creative Weapon Form – Any weapon(s) can be used. Individual can blend multiple weapons as well (i.e., go from nunchakus to bo staff). Form cannot exceed 1 minute. Music is allowed.

Judging Criteria: Control, overall technique, creativity and presentation. All judges will judge overall.


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